Welcome to Merriment Rats! Merriment is a small rattery run by me, Nelly.

The rats at Merriment are my pets first and foremost. My family have been keeping pet rats since I was small, and I started keeping them myself at University 5 years ago. I’ve kept them continuously since then and honestly can’t imagine not having them in my life. They’re such amazing, intelligent creatures, and a joy to share my home with.

I founded Merriment Rats in 2013, with the aim of breeding healthy, friendly rats in pink and black eyed marten varieties, both top ear and dumbo. I am also an active member of the National Fancy Rat Society, and aim to breed rats which do well in both the varieties and pet classes at NFRS shows. Merriment qualified as an NFRS Stud in 2015.



The support and encouragement for my breeding venture has been so tremendous and widespread that I can’t name everybody, but here are a few:

Ann Storey of Rivendell Stud for all the advice and practical help, and Katie at Callisto rats, for being an amazing role model, breeder and friend. Also Jem Quarry, toyah Leitch, Beri Instone and Amy Foxford, to name but a few, for the moral support and hours of chats.

I’m also indebted to everyone on the Fancy Rats and NFRS forums for sharing their knowledge with me and answering all my silly questions, and for being there through bad times and good.